Kwiklube is the service operations arm of Kwik group and has been involved in servicing cars since 2005. All Kwiklube engineers are extremely experienced in the car maintenance field and bring with them their innovative ideas to every operation.

Kwiklube uses cutting edge machinery that are efficient fast and none-spillage to protect the environment. It is worth noting that the conventional gravity induced methods of engine oil drainage do not completely clean the sump and the capillaries of the engine components, however our machines create up to 750 Hg suction pressure which is sufficient to clear all the capillaries and the debris from the sump in an astonishing time of less than 3 minutes without spilling a drop of oil. The low cost of our car servicing can be partly contributed to our machines as well as our lower degree of greed in comparison to the dealerships.

We believe that transparency, honesty and hard work are vital ingredients of success. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we can proudly say that we are driven by that, not profits. We also believe that an injection of transparency, by a few, in an otherwise murky business of car servicing could induce metamorphosis in the industry. Perhaps one day in the future car manufacturers will not collude with oil producers before they publish the types of oil and service intervals of their cars, hence avoiding the cause of a viral extraction of money from the consumers that has become endemic in the large and small car maintenance operations.